Who We Are

Learn about PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, a member of the PERSOL Group's PRO SBU.

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is a group of design and development professionals who use cutting-edge technology to contribute to the advancement of society.

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is an engineering company that contributes to the development of society through Model-Based Development (MBD) and other advanced technologies in the design, development, and testing of automobiles, aerospace-related equipment, home appliances, robots, and other products.

Since being founded, we have been committed to meeting the demands of customers and to constantly improving the quality of our services, of which we provide under a reliable system and process, maintaining and continuing certification to standards.

Looking forward, we will continue to train people, acquire cutting-edge technology, and aim to be the engineering company society needs both now and in the future.


Providing high quality services in a variety of fields

As engineers who support manufacturing across the globe, we can provide high value technical services in various domains.

Development domains

Contributing to the world through highly specialized services

Experimental domains

Providing knowledge gained through vehicle manufacturer development

Product Development

Consistent support from design to evaluation

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Solving issues in a wide range of domains

As engineers who support manufacturing across the globe, we can provide value-added technical services in various areas.

Supported domains in the development process

Across the development process (excluding prototyping), from project planning in the design phase to the testing phase that includes responding to market improvements, we provide services that match and fulfill all the needs of our customers. In addition, we engage in development using MBD (Model-Based Development) in order to cope with the enormous number of verifications, validations, and calibrations in recent years.

Supported domains in the industrial fields

We provide services to meet all needs in the manufacturing industry, including in the automotive field and for aerospace equipment and industrial equipment. We pride ourselves on our great deal of knowledge especially in the development of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As a development partner, we support cutting-edge development in areas such as motorization, automated operation, and preventive safety. In addition, in recent years, we have used our knowledge of automobile development as a base to expand the scope of our business to include the medical device and robot industries.

Supported domains in the industrial fields

In the development process of manufacturing, we provide comprehensive solutions services that solve our clients problems through cooperation iin the fields of mechanical design and development, electricity and electronics design and development, control software, and test/homologation services. Furthermore, in recent years, we have also been promoting Model-Based Development (MBD) that utilizes simulation technology to improve the efficiency of the development process.

How Support Works

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is engaged in contract and engineer dispatch services related to design development and test/homologation. With contract services, our project managers take on leadership roles in driving the projects to ensure customer satisfaction. The project managers work together with the related departments of our customes and other suppliers and fulfill customer needs with the best solutions.

Project management

Engineers who have cleared the skill requirements in accordance with PMBOK, have received internal certification in project management, and have shown leadership skills will manage projects. We also focus on in-house training to acquire skills and strive to provide high value technical services.

PQA Activities

In order to ensure the technical quality we provide to customers, we implement our own PQA (Project, Quality, Assurance) activities. This is an effort to foster soundness throughout the company by monitoring contracted projects from the perspective of "Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery time)" by an internal third-party organization. We strive to ensure quality our customers can be satisfied with.


By visualizing the skills and levels of engineers using our unique skill map of over 1,000 categories, we can select the engineers best suited to your needs and support you in solving technical issues and development.

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Training engineers and nurturing their driving forces through our unique programs

We pass on knowledge of design and development cultivated by the company while also developing engineers with excellent communication skills.

Mechanical and experimental engineers

Conceptual design / Analysis / Basic design / Experimental evaluation Detailed design / Vehicle testing and homologation, etc.

Electrical and electronic engineers

Conceptual design / Reliability evaluation / Basic design / Detailed design / Experimental evaluation, etc.

Control software system engineers

Requirement definition / Basic debugging design / Detailed design / Installation, etc.

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Solid technical skills handed down

In April 2017, JAPAN TECSEED CO., LTD. and DRD Co., Ltd. merged to become PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.

Aug 2011
JAPAN TECSEED: Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Temp Holdings through a share exchange

May 2013
Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Tempstaff Co., Ltd. on May 31
April 2015
Transferred all shares from Tempstaff Co., Ltd. to JAPAN TECSEED CO., LTD. on April 1

Role as the PERSOL Group's foundation

We are responsible for the engineering domain of the PERSOL Group as a member of Professional Outsourcing SBU.

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