Our Completed Projects

We address a variety of issues in the areas of design development and test/homologation services.

Development of algorithms for recognizing lanes and surrounding vehicles using in-vehicle forward-facing cameras


What led to the introduction of the service?

The client wanted to develop an algorithm for recognizing lanes and surrounding vehicles in the direction of travel using an in-vehicle forward-facing camera they developed. They already had a recognition algorithm to implement, but one of their objectives was to add more functions and improve the detection accuracy of various recognition targets. As they were looking for a company that could provide them with a one-stop service, from consideration of recognition algorithms to evaluation, they reached out to us.

Issues before introduction

One of the challenges the client faced was that they lacked development staff in the field of image recognition. In addition, it was difficult for them to secure personnel for adding features to the existing recognition algorithm as they wanted to focus their human resources on new development rather than additional features.

Examples of use after introduction

The recognition function of the onboard front-facing camera has been improved to detect surrounding vehicles (parallel, oncoming, crossing), own lane, adjacent lane, road edge, and more, with higher accuracy.

System Overview
Detects objects it’s programed to identify from images captured by a dash cam.

Driving assistance (LDW, LKA, etc.), collision damage mitigation systems (PB, PSB, etc.), and environment detection for fully autonomous driving.

Effectiveness and achieved results

We provided development support for the development of lane departure prevention systems, including Lane Departure Warnings (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA), and collision damage mitigation systems such as Pre-Collision Braking (PB) and Pre-Crash Seat Belts (PSB), that utilize the client’s recognition algorithm of the onboard forward-facing camera. In addition, we were able to provide technical support that contributed to the improvement of the vehicle's capability to understand its surrounding environment in order to realize fully autonomous driving.

Development Process
Agile software development based on the V-Model used.

Development Environment & Languages
C/C++ development using VisualStudio. Create/use auxiliary tools in C#, python, VBA, etc. during integration testing and evaluation/analysis.

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