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We address a variety of issues in the areas of design development and test/homologation services.

Completed project: Passenger car interior design


What led to the introduction of the service?

The client was looking for an external company that could meet their detailed requirements and provide comprehensive support for the interior design of passenger cars. They were looking for a company that they could outsource all the work related to interior design and development from the design examination stage— including mounting, tolerance, fastening, and strength examinations—to consulting on lowering the cost and weight of parts, as well as providing support for meetings with complete vehicle manufacturers.

Issues before introduction

The interior design of passenger cars requires the design and testing of a wide variety of components, including door trims, dash side trims, and other trims, as well as instrument panel modules. The client did not have the required personnel to do all the interior design in-house, so they needed to find a company that had extensive development experience and could handle a variety of parts, so they reached out to us.

Examples of use after introduction

We are capable of conducting design examinations of various parts around the interior of passenger cars, such as trims, instrument panel peripheral parts, and center consoles. We were also able to optimize the process of the interior design, resulting in a more carefully designed interior than the customer had requested.

Interior design
●Main design considerations
Mounting consideration, tolerance consideration, fastening consideration, strength consideration, cost and weight reduction, incorporation of performance, production and mold requirements, incorporation of workability and assembly

Design feasibility, DR support, meetings with parts and complete vehicle manufacturers

Effectiveness and achieved results

We were able to provide comprehensive support for the interior design of passenger cars from the early stages of automobile development, contributing to the speeding up of the client’s development cycle.

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