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Contributing to Social Development with Our “Cutting-Edge Technology”

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. President and Representative Director

Eiji Isoda

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. promotes global Monozukuri through design and development. With great support from many customers in the automotive and other transportation equipment-related industries, we are highly acclaimed for our contracted development of designing and testing, project management, consulting, as well as dispatching of engineers.

As a company in the engineering business of Professional Outsourcing SBU of the PERSOL Group, we provide total development services from designing to testing and evaluation in the fields of machinery, electronics and software, working in collaboration with PERSOL AVC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., PERSOL PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., and PERSOL TECHNOLOGY STAFF CO., LTD. in the PERSOL Group.

Moving forward, we will strive to respond to the various demands of our customers, and provide services that exceed their expectations. To become an engineering company that contributes to social development with our “cutting-edge technology”, we will make continuous efforts to improve in all aspects throughout the company. We appreciate your support and encouragement. Thank you.

April 2020

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.President and Representative Director

Eiji Isoda