Basic Information Security Policy

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. and all other PERSOL Group affiliates (hereafter referred to as "PERSOL Group") have set forth a group vision "Creating a social infrastructure for people and organizations that catalyzes growth and innovation", to provide a variety of services and opportunities for working professionals and to contribute to the growth of our clients’ organizations. The PERSOL Group recognizes its corporate social responsibility to protect customers and their information from all kinds of threats, to ensure the necessary security for that, and to provide continuous and stable service, We have established this basic policy and will comply with it in order to realize this goal.

1.Construction of our Information Security System

In order to protect and properly manage all of the information owned by PERSOL Group, we have appointed an information management officer in each affiliated entity, and we have established a system that can promptly implement information security measures.

2.Implementation of Information Security Education

PERSOL Group will provide necessary information security education to all employees according to their duties and tasks, and will promote awareness of this basic policy and various regulations and awareness of information security.

3.Protection of Information

In order to protect all important information, PERSOL Group carries out risk assessment and control, periodically reviews risks, and improves our system as necessary.

4.Responding to Information Security Incidents

When an information security incident occurs, the PERSOL Group will respond promptly and take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.

5.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

PERSOL Group will comply with all laws, requirements, regulations, rules and contractual obligations concerning information security. We will respond appropriately when there has been a violation of any of the above.

6.Review and Improvement

In order to confirm that management of information is properly carried out, PERSOL Group conducts internal audits on a regular basis and verifies the results. Furthermore, we will continue to improve our information security management system by considering changes surrounding internal and external information security.