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Kickoff meeting for Joint research with Iizuka Laboratory of Shibaura Institute of Technology

At the beginning of July 2019, we invited Prof. Kojiro Iizuka of Shibaura Institute of Technology and members of the Iizuka Laboratory to the Ageo Techno Center and held a kick-off meeting for a joint research project with our experimentation departmentⅠ. At the meeting, we shared past results and prospects related to the joint research theme.

Our technology exchange has been initiated with a new product development project in the Engineering segment of the PERSOL Group. We have jointly applied for patents for two achievements in 2017 and 2018.

The laboratory specializes in research and development of airless wheels using the "variable rigid mechanism" (hereinafter referred to as "Airless Variable Rigid Wheel") to develop improved mobility for "lifesaving, disaster area support, hard work reduction", etc.

Although at present we conduct the basic research on single wheels, in the future we will apply the "Airless Variable Rigid Wheel" technology to mobility for special environments and offer blowout-free tires drivable on soft surfaces like loose soil. And we will contribute to social development with our technology.

We will continue to participate in joint research from design, prototype manufacture and experimentation, to joint patent application.

Prof. Iizuka also presented the research using panels and prototypes at "ROBOMECH 2019 in HIROSHIMA" (see pictures below)

Moving forward, we plan to participate in various events both on and off campus, and present our research results with demonstrations.