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Strengthening education of internal MBD engineers to meet the development needs by MBD (News Release)

January 20, 2021

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT strengthens education of internal MBD engineers to meet the development needs by MBD

– Aiming to foster a total of 500 MBD engineers by March 2021 –

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd., which is involved in the technical engineering business in a PERSOL group offering comprehensive human resource services (Headquarters: 3-18-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Japan, President and Representative Director Eiji Isoda, hereinafter referred to as "PERSOL R&D") will contribute to the virtual engineering in the manufacturing process with strengthening education of internal Model-Based Development(MBD)engineers in order to respond to the growing development needs by MBD.

■Background: Manufacturing including the auto industry shifts to MBD method
The automobile industry is said to be undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation and unprecedented development speed is required in some fields such as ADAS and autonomous driving. Some of the latest vehicles with cutting-edge technology may have more than 100 computers and the software that has more than 100 million lines of source code. Consequently, new vehicle development requires more complex verification than ever before.

Therefore, automakers and suppliers are shifting to development methods with MBD because installed functions can be repeatedly and accurately verified with significantly reduced development man-hours compared to the development and verification of actual vehicles. Between April and December 2020, the number of inquiries regarding of MBD (including engineer dispatch services) PERSOL R&D received increased by 34% compared to the previous year. This indicates that the need of every company is increasing.

The movement to apply MBD technology as described above is also becoming active not only in the auto industry but also in every industry where complicated design and development, such as medical care and industrial equipment, is progressing. Therefore, the need for virtual engineering that applies MBD technology is greater than ever.

■Overview: For meeting the needs of our clients and the expanding technical domains for internal engineers
Against this background, PERSOL R&D has been promoting various activities such as establishing the MBD Promotion Office in 2017 and participating in The Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines (AICE) as a joint research company. In 2018, we created an MBD engineer training curriculum centered on experienced engineers in the MBD Promotion Office and started internal MBD engineer training. As a result, by the end of March 2020, 272 engineers have been trained as MBD engineers. In addition, we have been training more than 230 employees since April 2020 and aim to foster a total of 500 MBD engineers by the end of March 2021. By strengthening the training system, PERSOL R&D will meet the growing market needs for MBD development and support the expansion of our internal engineers’ technical expertise.

■Overview of our MBD engineer training curriculum

Training of MBD engineers
Training of MBD engineers
The MBD engineer training steps
The MBD engineer training steps

The training curriculum consists of three courses: "Introductory", "Basic", and "Intermediate" depending on the level of the engineers who take the course. The "Introductory Course" adopts "e-learning" that enables iterative learning of the necessary theory for MBD engineers. In the "Basic Course", engineers deepen their understanding through lectures by instructors. And in the "Intermediate Course", they conduct "Modeling Training" in accordance with the design work they are in charge of. They can improve their proficiency by repeating the process of correcting the mistakes identified by their instructors.

■Features of PERSOL R&D’s training curriculum for MBD engineers

  1. Training experienced designers to become MBD engineers
    Our curriculum provides MBD education for engineers who have a lot of experience and knowledge in design and development. It has made it possible to provide our internal engineers with opportunities to expand their technical fields. With product knowledge and design experience, we can offer more comprehensive and higher quality MBD technology to our clients.
  2. Engineers in all fields are the training targets
    This internal MBD engineer training curriculum is building an environment where engineers in all fields ― not only Control Software Development but also Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic, and Test/Homologation services ― can learn MBD technology. As a result, engineers in each field can use their experience in MBD and support customers’ development with our high level of expertise and quality.
  3. Follow-up
    PERSOL R&D’s MBD engineer trainings are kept even after the end of curriculum. We have an environment in our in-house techno centers where they can review unclear points such as how to use MBD development tools. The educational materials of the curriculum are constantly updated based on feedback from the engineers. Also, in our contract works, the "MBD Promotion Office", which has advanced technology, provides logistical support for the troubleshooting of MBD technology.

PERSOL R&D will be constantly revising the curriculum to be more practical, paying close attention to the feedback from engineers and the changes in each industry’s demand so that we can develop MBD technology that meets the market’s needs.

In addition, several universities consulted with us regarding MBD education, such as "We would like to implement MBD engineer training, which is an important issue, by introducing the MBD engineer training curriculum from the time they are students." Moving forward, we will also expand our upbringing processes for PERSOL R&D’s internal engineers including this curriculum into student education and build on their technical foundations.

■About PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. <https://www.persol-rd.co.jp/en/>
PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. supports companies in design and development through technical consulting, general and partial contracts, and the dispatch of engineers in the fields of automobile, aerospace, robot, digital consumer electronics, and so on.

And it will continue to offer a "one-stop service" from design and research and development to testing, by using mechanical, electric, electronic and control software design, testing and certification services, and model base development (MBD) technologies.

■About "PERSOL" <https://www.persol-group.co.jp/en/index.html>
Aiming to achieve our group vision "Work, and Smile", the PERSOL Group has been engaged in a wide range of services that involve people and organizations—from temporary staffing service "Tempstaff" to recruitment service "doda", IT outsourcing services, and design and development.

The group also works on innovations of the next generation by merging human resources services with technologies, like a recruitment service "MIIDAS" for finding one’s market value, an IT event info WEB site as well as an event and community space "TECH PLAY", and cloud-based mobile POS register "POS+ (POSTAS)".

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