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Participation in the MLIT’s “Mass Products-Type Drainage Pump Demonstration Test”(News Release)

March 30, 2022

PERSOL R&D participates in the MLIT’s “Mass Products-Type Drainage Pump Demonstration Test”

― Contributing to national land resilience by supporting the construction of river drainage pumps powered by automobile engines ―

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. (PERSOL R&D; Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture; President: Eiji Isoda), a PERSOL Group company engaged in technical engineering enterprises, is participating in the Mass Products-Type Drainage Pump Demonstration Test, an initiative of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). In these tests, they will utilize their engine testing technologies and contribute to innovation in flood control measures through cross-industry collaboration between automobile and pump manufacturers.

■Background: An “era of great renewal” to cope with aging drainage pumps and climate change
When water levels rise due to heavy rain, river drainage pump facilities help prevent flooding after sluice gates close by pumping water from branch rivers to main rivers, thereby preventing backflow from the larger river. There are over 800 such facilities throughout Japan, many of which were installed during Japan’s postwar period of rapid economic growth. These facilities have thus been operating for over forty years, and this nationwide aging is taking us into an “era of great renewal.” In addition, climate change has recently caused frequent incidents of inland water damage in many areas of Japan, increasing demand for new and expanded drainage facilities.

From the above-described situation and demands, the MLIT is preparing and implementing measures related to drainage facilities, one aspect of which is the development of drainage pump facilities suited to mass production1. In this initiative, they are promoting innovation through cross-industry collaboration between the automotive and pump manufacturing industries, such as the use of mass-produced automotive engines as a power source for river drainage pumps, significantly reducing lifecycle costs while improving maintainability.
1MLIT news release: https://www.mlit.go.jp/report/press/sogo15_hh_000271.html [in Japanese]

PERSOL R&D’s many years of experience contribute to solutions to social issues
With the aim of addressing social issues by applying the experience in diesel engine development and experimental technologies that they have accumulated over the years, PERSOL R&D has been participating in the MLIT’s “Mass Products-Type Drainage Pump Demonstration Test” project since its technical study session in November 2020.

PERSOL R&D was responsible for outfitting tasks related to the use of engines supplied by engine manufacturers as the power unit for drainage pump drives, and for demonstration testing.

From January 31 to February 18, 2022, engine and outfitting manufacturers, pump manufacturers, and reduction gear manufacturers performed demonstration tests at the Public Works Research Institute (Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture).

These tests comprised a series of operational checks, including pumping and draining water from a tank simulating river water and continuous operation. As the outfitting manufacturer, PERSOL R&D took charge of tasks such as preparing on-site engine units to their operation and taking measurement data during the demonstration tests. All companies involved cooperated to successfully complete the demonstration tests in the presence of MLIT officials.


Verification testing

In the next fiscal year, they will move on to Phase-2 activities, demonstration tests for further practical application. The MLIT is already organizing and preparing the demonstration test conditions, etc., in preparation for Phase-2 testing. Initiatives between pump manufacturers and the various participating companies are expected to be underway starting in April, and PERSOL R&D will continue to participate.

For the latest MLIT news related to this project, current as of March 16, 2022, see:
Municipalities selected for implementation of the Innovative Technologies Demonstration Project for River Machinery and Equipment: On-site demonstration of a mass-produced drainage pumping equipment [in Japanese]

Based on the company’s accumulated knowledge and expertise, gained through a wide variety of engine experiments passed down within it, PERSOL R&D will continue to do their utmost to contribute to the resolution of issues and disaster countermeasures related to river drainage pumps.

Through this initiative, we will also strive to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal 11: “Sustainable cities and communities.”


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And it will continue to offer a "one-stop service" from design and research and development to testing, by using mechanical, electric, electronic and control software design, testing and certification services, and model base development (MBD) technologies.

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