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PERSOL R&D establishes its EOL Center (News Release)

June 1, 2022

PERSOL R&D establishes its EOL Center to improve considerations of and responses to electronic component replacements

- Stabilizing product supplies by quickly responding to unavailability and discontinuation of electronic components -

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. (PERSOL R&D; headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; President: Eiji Isoda), a PERSOL Group company engaged in the technical engineering business, has established its End of Life (EOL) Center to improve considerations of and responses to replacements for electronic components that have short life cycles and are no longer in production, in addition to semiconductor shortages. This will allow the company to quickly respond in various ways to the circumstances of customers facing EOL issues and to stabilize product supplies.

■Background: Switching among semiconductor electronic components is an important issue for stable product supplies.
In recent years there have been rapid advancements in the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for connecting devices, with sensors, cameras, and wireless communications devices being installed in products ranging from automobiles to home appliances, allowing detection of their status and movements and acquisition of data for practical applications that improve the usage experience. Semiconductors are indispensable for the utilization of such IoT technologies.

With approximately 34 billion IoT devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2023*, semiconductors are becoming increasingly important. However, the life cycle for electronic components is typically two to three years, and there are many cases of model switching to accelerate the development of smaller or lighter products, or to accommodate discontinued production due to corporate consolidation or other reasons, making electronic component replacement equally important to new product development. Products with long life cycles of ten to twenty years, such as industrial and medical equipment, also require periodic redesigns for electronic component replacement. Furthermore, the recent global semiconductor shortage and logistics crisis have combined to indirectly affect various industries as well as manufacturers.
*Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 2021 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan, https://www.soumu.go.jp/johotsusintokei/whitepaper/ja/r03/html/nd105220.html [in Japanese]

■PERSOL R&D establishes its in-house “EOL Center”News_220601_0_en .png
With the ongoing semiconductor shortage and discontinuations of many semiconductors and other electronic components, replacing these components can involve modifying control programs, and so requires experience and technology. The replacement process is furthermore time-consuming and labor-intensive, posing challenges for many companies.

PERSOL R&D has long been engaged in the design and development of electronic components in the automotive, industrial machinery, consumer electronics, and medical fields, and has utilized its experience and technology to design replacement electronic components and circuits. In recent years, the company has received numerous inquiries and requests for EOL support from its customers, and its sales related to EOL support in its last fiscal year showed a rapid increase, to approximately ten times that seen in the previous year.

To improve its response to such growing demands for component replacement services, the company has introduced tools for post-process board modifications and evaluations (CR-8000, P-Spice), and has now established its EOL Center within its Nagoya Techno Center (Daikan-cho, Higashi, Nagoya).

■Service overview
EOL support ranges from research of alternative parts to modification of control programs, and the level and difficulty of doing so varies with the product and situation. PERSOL R&D will therefore flexibly respond to customer requests, including the latest requests for the study of replacement components for field programmable gate array (FPGA), which have been increasing in recent years.

  1. One-stop services for electronic component investigation and replacement study (off-site contracting)
    When there is need for replacement of semiconductors or other electronic components, but the scale or degree of difficulty is unknown, PERSOL R&D can conduct such investigations at their in-house EOL Center (“off-site” from the customer’s perspective), performing services including component surveys, clarification of the scope and content of required design changes, consideration of replacements, and design changes, all as single projects. During this process, the customer’s confidential information is strictly maintained.


  2. Human resource support and partial support (temporary staffing and on- or off-site contracting)
    When there is a clear need for replacement but a shortage of personnel for performing the necessary sorting and selection, when the involvement of the customer’s purchasing system is necessary, or when coordination with parts trading companies or other suppliers is required, PERSOL R&D engineers can be dispatched or contracted to provide support on the customer’s premises (on-site). In the case of large-scale or highly complex projects, the company can also provide combined support, in which a specialized unit from the EOL Center provides support on an outsourced basis.News_220601_2_en_1.png

EOL replacement workflow


For inquiries, please contact the PERSOL R&D EOL Center. The company can also support single component surveys. The company’s specialists will propose and provide services to contribute to the stable supply of semiconductor products.
EOL Center email address: eol-support@persol-rd.co.jp

■About PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. <https://www.persol-rd.co.jp/en/>
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And it will continue to offer a "one-stop service" from design and research and development to testing, by using mechanical, electric, electronic and control software design, testing and certification services, and model base development (MBD) technologies.

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