Personal Information Policy

The Persol Group aims to contribute to society by providing working people with various places and opportunities for development and by providing a wide range of services that contribute to organizations’ development. Our company carefully utilizes the personal information that we receive for the purposes of providing high-quality services as a group of technical experts who conduct design, research and development, and experiment work to realize the development of working people and organizations.

This page explains the purposes and ways in which we handle personal information at our

Purposes of use of personal information

Our company will use the personal information that we have received for the purposes below.
Please note that if we separately and clearly indicate the purpose of use to the relevant person when we collect personal information, we will use that personal information for the purpose that was clearly indicated at the time of collection.

  1. 1. Information about clients’ board members and employees
    ・Guidance and provision of information related to services and hearings that have been requested
    ・Receiving applications for various types of seminars
    ・Management of clients
  2. 2. Information obtained in association with our company receiving consignment of work
    ・Performance of consigned work
  3. 3. Information obtained in association with receiving inquirie
    ・Replies to inquiries
  4. 4. Information about people who visit a place of business
    ・Safety management for crime prevention
  5. 5. Information obtained through interviews for publicity activities
    ・Publicity media of our company and each company of the Persol Group
    ・Postings in various types of media
    ・Contact related to publicity activities
  6. 6. Information about people who participate in schools managed by our company
    ・Information related to services
    ・Various procedures related to registration for use
    ・Provision of services that were applied for
  7. 7. Information about people who applied for our company’s recruitment
    ・Selection and decisions related to hiring

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*Matters to keep in mind when providing personal information
Our company asks people to provide personal information within the scope that is necessary for the purposes stated here. Please understand that although provision is voluntary except in cases based on laws and ordinances(such as confirmation of identity, a foreigner’s status of residence, or provision of a personal number), if you do not respond to our company’s request or if there is an irregularity in content that you provided we may be unable to respond to your request.

Provision of personal information to third parties and joint use of personal information

  1. 1. Cases in which we will make an inquiry with a financial institution in order to confirm payment or remittance for our company’s services
  2. 2. Cases in which we have received an inquiry from a public institution such as a court or the police based on a law, and we will respond to the inquiry
  3. 3. Cases of provision based on each item of Article 23.1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information(Example: Cases in which we must make an inquiry with a related organization in order to protect the life, body, or assets of the relevant person or another person)
  4. 4. Joint use of information on client executives

Information on client executives is jointly used at PERSOL Group as mentioned hereinafter in order to provide comprehensive services that make use of the expertise of each of its Group companies.

Personal information items for joint use Name, name of affiliated organization, department name, location, position title, e-mail address, telephone number, FAX number, transaction history
Scope of joint use Of PERSOL Group companies (see here) for the most recent list of Group companies, companies that have already issued notifications and made official announcements in accordance with Item 3, Paragraph 5, Article 23 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
Use purpose of those sharing use of personal information To provide guidance and proposals on services offered by PERSOL Group
Protection Officer of personal information for shared use PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Acquisition method Information acquired through business card exchange, collection of information widely and generally disseminated, negotiation, application for deals, etc. shall be shared by PERSOL Group companies by way of a common system.

* There may also be other cases in which we provide personal information to a third party if the relevant person’s agreement has been obtained.

Please note that there may be cases in which we consign to an external party all or a portion of work for handling personal information. In a case of consignment, we will select a consigned party that has a sufficient system for protecting personal information and conclude with that party an agreement about the maintenance of confidentiality.

The content of this page may be changed in order to improve the protection of your personal information or in order to correspond to changes in laws, ordinances, or other standards. When a change will be made, we will give notification by posting information on our company’s website.

Acquisition of personal information

Access information management

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