Frequently asked questions about PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT are listed below.
What kinds of completed projects are there?
Please read this page for information about our company’s technical fields.
If you are a manufacturer that is considering development consignment, please make an inquiry with this office.
Please understand that we cannot make replies about content related to secrets of companies that conduct transactions with our company.
If you are seeking employment, please read our company’s information (Japanese Version Only) related to hiring or make an inquiry with this office.
What fields and characteristics are PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT’s strong points?
At PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT we conduct design and research and development, and business for experiment and authentication services. We provide technology, mainly by engineers who have engineering knowledge and product development expertise in the fields of machines, electricity and electronics, and control software. Our main product sectors are related to transportation equipment, including automobiles, such as passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, automobile parts, and aerospace. We are also involved in the development of digital home appliances, robots, and medical instruments. As a design development partner for manufacturers (major manufacturing industries), we conduct development contracting within manufacturers, temporary staffing of technical experts to manufacturers’ design development departments, and consigned development at our own company’s development base. Our company cultivates the careers of engineers while using our high levels of expertise and teamwork as an organization to promote the design and research and development business.
Do you address inquiries in English?
We accept questions through e-mail.
Please send your questions to the office in charge that is stated below.

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