Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT offers a variety of services in the field of autonomous driving and ADAS development.


Features of Our Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development Services

  • Mechanical design: Design of various types of vehicle peripheral monitoring components (ADAS-related )
  • Electrical and electronic: Performance evaluation of automation components (LiDAR, etc.)
  • Control software: Development of image recognition algorithms, control tuning using actual vehicles
  • Experiments: Turnkey contracts for ADAS testing (total support from test planning to report preparation)
  • MBD: Teacher data creation service using annotations

What Are Our Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development Services ?

We provide technical services that meet customer demands in autonomous driving and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) development, which have increased in recent years as people have sought a decrease in traffic accidents and improvement in logistics efficiency.
Autonomous driving requires technology for identifying vehicles' positions such as GPS, cameras, millimeter wave radar, as well as various advanced technologies such as AI and communication technology necessary for electronic steering systems, drive-by-wire throttle control, and recognition and judgment of road conditions. Using our years of knowledge in automobile development, we will support your own development projects.

Overview of Our Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development

Relationship Between ”Autonomous Driving and ADAS Development Services” and Each Department

Mechanical Design and Development

■Installation appraisals of automation-related devices (sensors, GPS, LiDAR, cameras, etc.)

■Modified design from existing vehicles to automated ones (drive-by-wire brake and throttle controls, electric steering)

Control software development

In the area of control software development, we have experience in mass production development focusing on in-vehicle cameras, LiDAR, and millimeter wave systems. We provide technology such as cameras (image recognition, algorithms, lane line recognition, object recognition), LiDAR, millimeter wave systems (sensor characteristics, in-vehicle Ethernet), ADAS (sensor fusion, self-position estimation), etc., and are capable of taking on tasks such as creating control specifications, testing in HILS/SILS environments, and control tuning using actual vehicles.

Electrical and electronic design and development

■Supported tasks
・LiDAR performance evaluation

 ・Establishment of measurement environment
 ・Performance measurement
 ・Data analysis
 ・Defect analysis

Test/Homologation Services

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT combines high-precision positioning and ADAS-equipped vehicle tests and conducts functional evaluations to meet customers' needs.

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Model-based development

・Teacher Data Creation Services Through Annotation
 This service is used to create teacher data for person detection and vehicle detection.  We have developed an annotation tool to reduce the hours required to create teacher data.

・Annotation Services
 YOLOv3 can be used to annotate vehicle data prepared by the customer.  Acquisition of vehicle running data through driving tests is also available.

・Simulations of various types of detection
 Simulation of ADAS control based on ADAS detection of lane information, object information, frontal vehicle information, etc.

Contact Us if You Have Any of the Following Issues:

  • We want to concentrate on our main development tasks. (We want to ask you to design an evaluation prototype for technology development.)
  • Annotation takes too long.
  • We want to evaluate vehicles equipped with ADAS functions.
  • We want to convert an existing vehicle to have automation specifications.

How to Start Receiving Support

  1. STEP 01Contact usContact us by phone or by using the contact form
  2. STEP 02Follow-up questionsA representative contacts you and dicusses your company's business to propose appropriate services.
  3. STEP 03Quotes and contractsWe create a quote and prepare a contract.
  4. STEP 04Support commencesWe begin support tailored to your specific needs.

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