CAE Analysis

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT provides a variety of services in the field of CAE analysis.


Features of Our CAE Analysis Services

  • CAE consulting with knowledge of mechanics, automobiles, and MBD

What Are Our CAE Analysis Services ?

・We gain an understanding of the objectives of our customers and propose the most appropriate CAE method for the required QCD, including evaluation, countermeasures, and cost reduction.

・We can also provide CAE evaluations with high reproducibility for actual machines through analysis of test results and input identification based on our extensive knowledge of tests.

Overview of Our CAE Analysis Services

Relationship Between CAE Analysis Services and Each Part

Thermal Analysis

Element temperature analysis in products

Thermal Fluid

Temperature distribution and water flow around the heater for EV

Strength, Resistance and Durability

Stress distribution in a body by linear static analysis

Fatigue evaluation by transient response analysis

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)

Transfer characteristics by frequency response analysis


Suspension behavior


Destruction by impact when dropped

Electromagnetic Field

Electric field strength around the chassis when exposed to radio waves

Business Support Through MBD Including 1DCAE

Outline and effects of 1DCAE



We utilize MBD as a general development process that uses models and simulations and believe that the upstream of MBD is overall proper design by 1DCAE.
We are able to provide speedy and accurate business support by leveraging the breadth of our capabilities, from design to testing, as well as the high level of expertise and product knowledge we have cultivated in each field, in our models.

CAE Computer Aided Engineering
MBD Model-Based Development

Completed Projects (Selected Cases Only)

・Automobile battery module strength analysis (thermo fluid, vibration strength, collision)
・Rr Axle input identification for commercial vehicles
・Exhaust cooling performance evaluation analysis for commercial vehicles
・Bus air intake chamber flow analysis
・Commercial vehicle tow hook limit strength analysis
・Commercial vehicle chassis frame strength and rigidity analysis

・Robot arm strength analysis
・Automobile Air conditioner panel impact analysis

Owned Software

・Altair HyperWorks ver.2020
・Other CAD: CATIA V5, NX, Creo
・Ansys Icepak
・MATLAB®️, Simulink®️, Stateflow®️

Contact Us if You Have Any of the Following Issues:

  • We have implemented CAE analysis, but we don't know where to start.
  • CAE analysis has been implemented, but it is not being used.
  • We have implemented CAE analysis, but lack resources.
  • We are using CAE analysis, but the results are not very good.

How to Start Receiving Support

  1. STEP 01Contact usContact us by phone or by using the contact form
  2. STEP 02Follow-up questionsA representative contacts you and dicusses your company's business to propose appropriate services.
  3. STEP 03Quotes and contractsWe create a quote and prepare a contract.
  4. STEP 04Support commencesWe begin support tailored to your specific needs.
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