Commercial Vehicle Design and Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT offers a variety of services in the field of commercial vehicle design and development.


Features of Our Commercial Vehicle Design and Development Services

  • Regarding vehicle planning, we provide support for everything from the overall vehicle layout to engine and other equipment design, and have achieved a great deal in each of these aspects.
  • Our customers have high expectations of our engineers who are pivotal to all of our development projects and requests.

What Are Our Commercial Vehicle Design and Development Services ?

・We provide a comprehensive service for commercial vehicle design and development, from design and development to testing and homologation services.

・We are able to provide a full range of services, including mechanical design and development, electrical and electronic design and development, control software development, and testing and homologation services, to meet customer needs.

・In addition to providing a development support system that always anticipates the needs of the times, we have trained a great number of experts in design and development.

Overview of Our Commercial Vehicle Design and Development Services

 ・We handle orders in the following fields:
  Mechanical design and development: Design, analysis, evaluation, prototyping
  Electrical and electronic design and development: Design, evaluation, analysis/EOL, prototyping
  Control software development: Design, evaluation, testing
  Test/homologation services: Vehicle testing, engine testing, unit testing, and testing support services for homologation services

Mechanical Design and Development

・We handle orders in the following fields:
  Vehicle planning, equipment (parts) design, analysis, evaluation, prototyping
・ Main design considerations
  Vehicle planning:
    Overall vehicle layout, layout by part, confirmation of feasibility of parts, preparation of plans for each part
  Equipment (parts) design:
    Engine design, vehicle design (piping, frame, intake/exhaust cooling), body design, chassis parts design
  DR support, meetings with parts manufacturers and automotive manufacturers

Electrical and Electronic Design and Development

・Orders handled in the following:
  Design, evaluation, analysis, EOL, prototyping
・Main design considerations
  Circuit design, FPGA design, infrastructure design, design evaluation, system evaluation, reliability evaluation, thermal analysis, EOL, prototyping

Control Software Development

・Orders handled in the following:
  Design, evaluation, and testing
・Main design considerations
  Control ECUs, body ECUs, information ECUs, service ECUs, driving safety ECUs, and central ECUs

Test/Homologation Services

・Comprehensive service from equipment design and testing planning to data acquisition and test report writing

Contact Us if You Have Any of the Following Issues:

  • We want to make a bulk order.
  • We lack engineering resources at our development site.
  • We would like to request support for homologation testing.
  • We want to request the development of a prototype.

How to Start Receiving Support

  1. STEP 01Contact usContact us by phone or by using the contact form
  2. STEP 02Follow-up questionsA representative contacts you and dicusses your company's business to propose appropriate services.
  3. STEP 03Quotes and contractsWe create a quote and prepare a contract.
  4. STEP 04Support commencesWe begin support tailored to your specific needs.

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