Electrical & Electronic Design and Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is engaged in numerous projects in the automobile electronics field, including engine control computers and navigation systems. We are also involved in the aerospace and aeronautical fields. We have gained a good reputation by offering innovative technology to the world.
 We will respond to the needs of the firmware field which requires the know-how of software, hardware, and circuit design.

Engine system

  • Electronically controlled hydraulic solenoid design
  • Turbocharger system development

Electronics system

  • Engine control computer hardware design
  • Air conditioner control computer hardware design
  • Airbag control computer hardware design
  • ABS Control Computer Hardware Design
  • Keyless entry communication device hardware design
  • IC card hardware design
  • Yaw rate, seat, G sensor development design
  • Development of semiconductor devices for control equipment
  • Semiconductor process development for automobiles
  • Development of various air conditioning sensors

Hybrid Vehicles

  • Battery development
  • Converter control hardware design
  • Air conditioning system development


  • Wiring design
  • Electrical equipment
  • Antenna control and Drive hardware design
  • AC/DC converter and DC/DC converter hardware design
  • Hydraulic equipment system
  • Communication-related electrical component system design
  • Electrical and electronic wiring data analysis
  • Helicopter rigging and wiring design


  • Rocket related services (electrical equipment design, radio wave receiving system development)
  • Satellite related services (solid power amplifier SSPA design, power supply/DC/DC converter design)

Industrial machinery related services

  • Electric/electronic hardware design for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Electric/electronic hardware design for Semiconductor wafer transfer robot
  • Cardboard manufacturing machine control hardware design
  • Electrical design for automated warehouse system
  • Electrical design for Plastic molding machines
  • Sequencer design for plastic molding machines
  • Numerical control device and Sequencer hardware design


  • Control design for water treatment plant
  • Control design for electric power plant
  • Air conditioner control hardware design