Test/Homologation Services


Our rich experience and wide variety of test facilities are applied to test and homologation services for automobiles. From gathering data to evaluating/analyzing/testing countermeasures for vehicles, engines, drivelines, and unit benches, and more, our services correspond to the needs and demands of our customers.


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RDE (Real Driving Emissions)
Testing Services


In vehicle tests, experienced test drivers conduct all kinds of tests on various test courses. We are also well-versed in layout evaluation through the use of virtual analytical equipment, and strive to contribute to reducing development costs and time for customers. Also, we are able to provide fuel performance evaluation services using chassis dynamos, test courses, and normal roads, and conduct tests in cold places such as Hokkaido.

Test items
Evaluation and analysis
Overall evaluation In-vehicle sensory feeling evaluation for all performance items
Endurance reliability In-vehicle endurance test (test drive on rough roads)
Layout In-vehicle dynamic and static interference assessment, Servicing assessment
Ride performance Ride performance
Stress, input measurements Stress and input(acceleration on road) measurements during a drive
Driving support system Cruise control test (ACC, CACC)
On Board Diagnostics On Board Diagnostics test
Evaluation and analysis
Homologation tests
Engine and fuel consumption In-vehicle fuel consumption and engine performance (including chassis dynamo) Test on fuel consumption rate
Driving stability Electronic Stability Control
Braking performance In-vehicle braking performance
Sounds, vibrations Interior noise/Vibration performance, Exterior noise performance
Homologation tests Tests required for registration of remodeled vehicles Various tests
Tests required for registration of ultracompact cars Various tests

In engine tests, we conduct exhaust emission tests, and recreate harsh usage conditions for evaluating endurance, reliability, and functions. Our staff have a wide range of knowledge not only in the basic mechanical structure of engines, but also in the area of electronic control. In recent years, we have also expanded our test services to cover electronic technologies relating to automatic measurements for engine test devices.

Test items
Evaluation and analysis
Performance, exhaust emissions tests Homologation and verification tests, Various types of fuels
Endurance tests Transient and stationary modes, Forced operation
Function tests Cold performance (start-ability, Defrosting) Temperature, Pressure, Stress, and Vibration
Noise tests Acoustic pressure, Sound power level, Sound source search (sound camera)
Disassembly/Assembly, Investigation Measuring the dimension, surface roughness, tensile force and tightening torque
Tests on the performance of exhaust gas purification equipment Conversion efficiency, Forced regeneration, Various functional tests
Homologation tests Exhaust emissions homologation tests Witnessed tests for homologation

In driveline tests, we conduct tests to evaluate the quietness and endurance of transmission and differential gears. Through the sharp sensitivity of our staff and assessments based on data they have obtained, we recreate conditions that are close to actual market conditions to provide highly precise test services.

Test items
Evaluation and analysis
Transmission Operational ability measurement tests, Transmission efficiency tests
Differential gear Load displacement measurement tests, Tooth bearing load tests, Breaking strength tests
Transmission Oil temperature measurement tests (motoring bench), Oil lubrication performance tests, Sound performance tests (rattling sounds)
Differential gear
Transmission Rotation guaranteed endurance, Synchronization overrun endurance, Operational endurance
Differential gear
Load endurance (endurance evaluation for composition parts)
Breaking strength Vertical load endurance tests for axles,
Verification of torsion endurance performance of propeller shaft
Breaking strength Torsion rupture torque verification tests
(Propeller shaft, axle shaft)
Benchmark Load collective on vehicle

In unit tests, we conduct bench tests for the components that make up a vehicle. Specifically, we conduct various tests that include collision tests for vehicles and cabins, EMC compliance tests in anechoic chambers, and stress vibration tests for the individual units that make up a vehicle such as the cabin, frame, and axle. We are also highly skilled in fatigue strength tests and more for individual parts such as fuel tanks, reserve tanks, springs, and side mirrors using vibration exciters.

Test items
Evaluation and analysis
Thermal cycle tests Verification tests for the impact of temperature changes
Low-temperature performance evaluation tests In-vehicle cold startability
Noise source/volume tests Steady-state noise, Quasi steady-state noise, Noise source identification (acoustic intensity)
Corrosion control evaluation tests Cycle tests (salt fog, humidity, temperature)
Strength endurance tests Load input test, Vibration endurance test (steady, sweep)
Human engineering Habitability, Driving position, Maneuverability
Homologation tests Crash safety tests (Full-Scale ) Evaluation based on the impact for dummy and vehicle’s deformation, Fuel leakage prevention tests, Frontal impact occupant protection tests, Side impact occupant protection tests
Crash safety tests (Sled) ) Child-seat safety verification tests,
Seatbelt safety verification tests
Seatbelt attachment device tests ISO-FIX anchor tests, Strength tests for seatbelt attachment part static load
(simultaneous load for seats for 1-3 persons)
Inrush prevention equipment tests Inrush prevention equipment tests
Electromagnetic compatibility test Radio noise (emissions) tests, Electromagnetic interference (immunity) tests
Preventive safety performance AEBS、LDWS