EV and HEV Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT offers a variety of services in the field of EV and HEV development.


Features of Our EV and HEV Development Services

Capable of developing core technologies for electrification, such as battery packs, PCUs, and motors

  • Mechanical design: Consideration about battery pack mounting structure for EV/HEV
  • Electrical and electronic design: Inverter and DC/DC converter development
  • Control software: HV system control software development, motor control software development, brake control software development
  • Experiments: Component testing and vehicle testing of various EVs and HEVs
  • MBD: Simulation of EV systems using HILS

What Are Our EV and HEV Development Services ?

Due to the need to comply with global emission regulations, the demand for the electrification of automobiles has surged in recent years. In addition to the development of battery packs, PCUs, and motors—the core technologies of electrification—we also support the development of EVs and HEVs using our years of knowledge in automobile developments, including related component development. In addition to passenger cars, we can also support the electrification of commercial vehicles and agricultural and construction machinery.

Overview of Our 

Relationship Between "EV and HEV Development Services" and Each Department

Mechanical Design and Development

■Layout and chassis performance design of electric vehicle battery packs (including LIB/capacitors)
   Benchmark comparisons with other companies, compliance with laws and regulations, performance requirements, weight, workability, prototype creation
   Legal testing, performance testing, legal homologation

■Layout and chassis performance design of in-vehicle inverters/converters
   Benchmark comparisons with other companies, performance requirements, weight, workability


■Conversion of existing vehicles to EVs
   Layout design for buses and trucks Conversion to electric power steering, etc.

Control Software Development

■Development of motor control ECU software
・Generator (for power generation) and motor (for drive and regenerative braking) control
・Environment development & behavior verification for SIL and HIL Simulation (CRAMAS)
・Automatic inspection tool development
・PF development based on AUTOSAR compliance

Electrical and Electronic Design and Development

■Supported tasks:
 ・Circuit design
 ・Board testing
 ・Reliability testing (environmental, EMC, etc.)

■Our completed tasks:
 ・Inverter development
 ・DC/DC converter development
 ・In-vehicle charger

Test/homologation services

■Supported tasks (We provide on-site support in the following fields):
 ・Battery cooling tests for HEVs, airflow and temperature measurement tests for intake air
 ・Electric cost and fuel consumption tests and drivability tests for BEVs and FCVs
 ・Testing of parts related to power supplying and charging (insertion/removal force and feeling tests for charging guns)
 ・Durability and reliability tests related to transmissions for HEVs (preparation, testing, analysis)

■Product unit evaluation
 Supported products: Battery packs, inverters, and converters
 We can also provide operation inspection before and after evaluation, disassembly inspection after evaluation, and board inspection!
  ・Performance evaluation (output, capacity, and conversion efficiency)
  ・EMC evaluation
  ・Environmental evaluation (ambient temperature, humidity, water resistance, dust resistance, chemical resistance)
  ・Strength and durability evaluation

■Vehicle evaluation
 Evaluation location: 4WD chassis dynamometer, test course, actual roads
 We can also reconfigure evaluation parts and rewrite ECUs for each control variable
  ・Driving performance evaluation (electric cost, acceleration/deceleration, and drivability)
  ・Thermal evaluation
  ・Acoustic evaluation
  ・EMC evaluation

Model-based development

・Simulation of EV control ECUs using HIL Simulation
 Replacing SILS content with HILS and conducting a simulation close to actual operation.

・Replacing SIL Simulation content with HIL Simulation
 We simulate heat conduction in battery systems and propose efficient heat conduction methods.

Contact Us if You Have Any of the Following Issues:

  • We have not been able to test the basic performance and compatibility of other companies' products against our own products.
  • The basic layout and direction of our project have been decided, but the development of multiple types of vehicles has not been sufficiently considered.
  • We want to convert existing vehicles to EVs.
  • We want to make a prototype of an automotive battery pack.

How to Start Receiving Support

  1. STEP 01Contact usContact us by phone or by using the contact form
  2. STEP 02Follow-up questionsA representative contacts you and dicusses your company's business to propose appropriate services.
  3. STEP 03Quotes and contractsWe create a quote and prepare a contract.
  4. STEP 04Support commencesWe begin support tailored to your specific needs.

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