Mechanical Design and Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is involved in a wide range of mechanical design and Development for manufacturing industries such as automobile, aircraft, aeronautical equipment and industrial machinery. We are engaged in the design and development of package layouts, vehicles, bodies, engines, etc. in the automotive field, as well as the structural design, strength analysis, composite structure design etc.
in the aerospace field. In addition, we always predict future trends, arrange development support systems, and also train many experts with high-end 3D CAD such as CATIA, NX and Creo which are indispensable for design. For all development requests, our engineers, who participate as the core engineers of the project, are highly valued by our customers.

Package layout

  • Vehicles
    (Engine/Drivetrain/axle/body/auxiliary machine unit mounted)
  • Engine(auxiliary machine unit layout)


  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Steering linkage
  • Radiator
  • Piping
  • Fuel tank
  • Air tank
  • Various module design

Body/interior and exterior

  • Exterior metal
  • Bumper
  • Grill
  • Trim
  • Sheet
  • Instrument panel switches
  • Steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Various module design


  • Engine body structural parts
  • Exhaust gas purification equipment related parts
  • Cast parts of various sizes
  • Belt train
  • Engine mount
  • Compliant on-board units


  • Manual transmission design (Gear train, case) and vehicle adaptation
  • Vehicle adaptation design and vehicle adaptation


  • Front axle
    (Eyebeam, Knuckle)
  • Rear axle
    (Axle housing, final drive)
  • brake
  • Wheel end related parts

Automated driving/
EV/HEV etc.

  • Various on-board design of vehicle surrounding monitoring components (ADAS related)
  • Study on mounting of battery pack for EV / HEV

Civilian aircraft
/ Official demand aircraft

  • Structure / outfit design
  • Strength analysis
  • Development project
  • Quality assurance
  • Production plans for parts and assembly
  • Maintenance design
  • Aircraft strength / aerodynamic / material test etc.
  • Design and manufacturing defect countermeasures
  • Manual preparation
  • Development of various engines / hydraulic equipment


  • Structural design
  • Strength analysis
  • Design and manufacturing defect countermeasures
  • Main rotor / head maintenance design
  • Air conditioning / fuel wiper design
  • Leg / Controlling system design
  • Manual preparation

Aeronautical equipment

Rocket related

  • Structure / composite material design
  • Ground support equipment plan
  • Range design
  • Component environmental tests

Other space related

  • Space station structural design
  • Antenna part solar cell panel mechanism design
  • Leg / Controlling system design
  • Spacecraft related fuselage design and parts analysis

Industrial machinery related services

  • Industrial equipment Robot development design
  • Machining center design
  • Laser processing machine design
  • NC Electric Discharge Machine Design
  • Design of semiconductor manufacturing equipment mechanism
  • Design of semiconductor carrier mechanism
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment casing / Vacuum piping design
  • Press machine design
  • Mechanical design of plastic forming machine, Performance test
  • Cardboard manufacturing machine design
  • Embroidery machine development design
  • Automated warehouse system design
  • Heat treatment equipment housing design


  • Heat transfer tests and performance tests of heat exchangers
  • Gas heat pump development tests
  • Freezer and refrigerator unit design for marine containers and refrigeration vehicles
  • Design and performance tests for package air conditioners