Our Completed Projects

Corporate Email Inquiries about Our Completed Projects

We accept inquiries about our completed projects from companies through the following ”Contact Us” page.

Please contact us about projects related to specific product fields or technical fields.
We also accept requests for consultation on support systems and technical fees.
In addition, we may refrain from disclosing confidential information about our company
and our business partners. Also, depending on the content, it may take time to respond. We apologize for any delays.

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Mechanical Design and Development

We are involved in a wide range of mechanical design fields, including the automotive industry, aircraft, aeronautical equipment, industrial machinery, and so on.


Electrical & Electronic Design and Development

We participate in numerous projects in the automotive electronics field including engine control computers, as well as aircraft and the aeronautical equipment field.


Control Software Development

With strengths in embedded control software development, we are developing automobiles, transportation equipment, household appliances, office equipment, machine tools, and FA systems.


Test/Homologation Services

Our services meet our customers' needs and wants when it comes to gathering data and evaluating/analyzing/testing solutions to unforeseen situations with our rich experience and wide variety of testing facilities.


Model-Based Development(MBD)

We participate in projects relating to model-based development (MBD) where in recent years it is becoming widely recognized as a development technique particularly in automobile development.