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We address a variety of issues in the areas of design development and test/homologation services.

Completed project: Passenger car exterior design


What led to the introduction of the service?

For the exterior design of a passenger car, the client was looking for a company that had a wealth of development experience and could offer a variety of design proposals including mounting, tolerance, fastening, and strength examinations. They also wanted the company to respond to their detailed requests for low-cost and lightweight exteriors, optimization of the design process by incorporating production requirements.

Issues before introduction

In the exterior design of passenger cars, a wide range of parts need design examinations, such as bumpers, radiator and lower grilles, rocker and roof moldings, and cladding panels. For this reason, a great deal of the client’s resources was consumed by exterior design. Therefore, it became urgent they find a company that could provide comprehensive support for exterior design and development.

Examples of use after introduction

We have a wealth of expertise in the interior and exterior design of passenger cars, and can provide exterior design that meets a variety of requirements, from incorporating performance and production requirements to incorporating workability and assembly considerations. We also provide comprehensive support for exterior design and development with a wide range of compatible parts, from large to small plastic products.

Exterior design
●Main design considerations
Mounting consideration, tolerance consideration, fastening consideration, strength consideration, cost and weight reduction, incorporation of performance, production and mold requirements, incorporation of workability and assembly

Design feasibility, DR support, meetings with parts and complete vehicle manufacturers

Effectiveness and achieved results

By taking care of the time-consuming development of the exterior design, the client is now able to use their resources for other core business activities.

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