Corporate Philosophy

PERSOL Group's Philosophy

Management philosophy

Job Creation  Individual Growth  Social Contribution

PERSOL Group's Vision

Creating a social infrastructure for people and organizations that catalyzes growth and innovation

Even as workstyles and organizations change, one thing remains constant: how people grow through their work.
The PERSOL Group not only offers working people diverse opportunities for growth, but also a wide range of services to contribute to organizational growth.
When individuals grow, so do organizations, and a mature organization is an excellent environment for even further individual growth.
Our work lies within organizations that employ people.
We will continue to support and create “individual and organizational growth”, and strive to become indispensable to society.

PERSOL Group's Principles of Action

Respond every issue sincerely
Customer Orientated
Always be a reliable partner and strive to go beyond our customer's expectations
Have high spirit and keep on shining
Respect the diversity and maximize the achievement of organizations
Challenge and Innovation
Think, Act and Joy in changing

Corporate Mission Statement

As professionals in design and development,
we contribute to social development
with “Cutting-edge Technology”.

We also strive to make our company a place
where employees can work with pride.

We continue
to enhance our skills
and keep improving and growing

As a member of the PERSOL Group and
as engineers supporting global Monozukuri.