Control Software Development

Since the microcomputer control systems have been incorporated into the latest products due to the diversification of information, the number of requests for development support for various service systems using the Internet is rapidly increasing. Our control software developers provide the latest cutting-edge skills in all fields of manufacturing, such as automobile and transportation equipment, home appliances and office automation equipment, machine tools and FA systems.


  • ATM control software development
  • Fuel injection system software development
  • Transmission control software development
  • Multi display meter software Development
  • Inter-vehicular distance maintenance device software development
  • Building in-vehicle LAN (CAN · TTP) system
  • Vehicle diagnostic information system communication software development
  • Image recognition software development for automated parking system
  • Car navigation map data software development
  • Car navigation control software development
  • Internet car navigation communication software development
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) operation system development
  • Hybrid system control software development
  • Motor control software development
  • Air conditioning software Development for EV
  • Hydrogen filling system development for FCV

Multimedia system

  • Digital/High definition television system development
  • LCD TV image processing engine development
  • Satellite broadcasting equipment system development
  • Image compression (MPEG) system development
  • DVD edit system development
  • Digital Camera-installed Shake Reduction System Development
  • PDA-installed communication application software development
  • OS system development for mobile terminals
  • Mobile phone control system development
  • Development of package software for PC


  • System interface reviews between satellite & the equipment
  • Satellite related (Antenna / posture / docking / drive system control design)
  • Automatic walking robot trajectory development
  • Development of NC machine control system
  • FA device control system development
  • ATM equipment system development
  • General-purpose inverter and Servo test equipment system development
  • Automated guided vehicle system development
  • Ophthalmic medical equipment and electronic medical record development