Engine Development

PERSOL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT provides a variety of services in the field of engine development.


Features of Our Engine Development Services

  • Using the technology we have cultivated through developing engines for automotive manufacturers, we work together with our customers to solve the challenges of engine development.
  • Our team of experienced engineers will fully support your design and development.

What Are Our Engine Development Services ?

We are capable of designing and analyzing structural parts of engine bodies, belt trains, vehicle-mounted adaptive parts, large, medium and small cast parts, and exhaust gas purifier parts.

Overview of Our Engine Development

Mechanical Design and Development

・We handle orders in the following fields:
 Structural parts of engine bodies, belt trains, compatible parts for in-vehicle installation, large, medium, and small casting parts, exhaust purifier parts
・Main design considerations
  Structural engine parts:
   Cylinder block, cylinder head, gear case, head cover, oil pan
  Belt train:
   Auxiliary equipment layout, belt selection, tension pulley rear idler pulley, brackets
  Parts to be installed in vehicles:
   Compatible parts that meet derived model specifications
  Large, medium, and small cast parts:
   Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbocharger, EGR system, Exhaust purifier parts
・Related parts:
 Muffler and bracket, exhaust pipe, tail pipe
 DR support, meetings with manufacturers and automakers

■ Design and Analysis


■Analysis Examples

Contact Us if You Have Any of the Following Issues:

  • We want to work with you to find a solution to our problem.
  • Doing analysis ourselves takes too much time.
  • We lack resources for engine development.
  • We want to request a series of engine development work.

How to Start Receiving Support

  1. STEP 01Contact usContact us by phone or by using the contact form
  2. STEP 02Follow-up questionsA representative contacts you and dicusses your company's business to propose appropriate services.
  3. STEP 03Quotes and contractsWe create a quote and prepare a contract.
  4. STEP 04Support commencesWe begin support tailored to your specific needs.
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Download service documents now

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