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ADAS Contract Testing Services

We arrange high-precision positioning and various tests for vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and carry out functional evaluations that meet the needs of our customers.

Test contents (Examples)

No. Types of testing Contents
Testing based on laws and regulations
Criteria-based testing ISO、JIS
Testing/Assessment NCAP
Comparison under each condition of No.1 – 3

Image of ADAS Testing Services

Features of the test services

 1)Technology that faithfully reproduces the specified test method.
 2)Evaluation tests, such as special driving, by experienced and skilled experimenters.
 3)Flexible arrangements of test courses and chassis dynamometer besides driving on roads.
 4)High-precision positioning by Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)* systems.
   *A detailed description of RTK is given at the bottom.

 Please contact us about other tests according to your needs.

Typical functions in ADAS that are tested

Functions in ADAS
  ACC(Adaptive Cruise Control)
  FCW(Forward Collision Warning)
  AEBS(Advanced Emergency Braking System)
  LDW(Lane Departure Warning)
  LKA(Lane Keeping Assist)
  BSM(Blind Spot Monitoring)
  RCTA(Rear Cross Traffic Alert)
  TSR(Traffic Sign Recognition)

Even if ADAS has the same function, each automobile company has different sensing and control methods, and different names.

ADAS Testing Service Process

 We meet the various needs of our customers through contracting and partial contracting.


Options for Test Preparation (Test Course Setting)

 We also handle structure production, vehicle preparation, white line drawing, etc.

  ● Production of Arched Structures (Made of Metal and/or Wood)
  ● Development of scenario with Falling objects (Metals and/or Non-metals)
  ● Development of construction site scenarios (Simulation)
  ● Preparation of Targeting Vehicles (Heavy Duty Vehicles can also be prepared)
  ● Curing of lines for R79, parking lots, etc.


About NCAP and JNCAP

◎What’s the NCAP?
NCAP stands for New Car Assessment Program. The programs are tests/assessments conducted around the world to evaluate the safety of automobiles.

◎What’s the JNCAP?
JNCAP stands for Japan New Car Assessment Program. Safety performance evaluation tests are conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the National Agency for Automotive Safety & Victims’ Aid (NASVA). There are two major types of assessments, collision safety performance assessment and preventive safety performance assessment, and we evaluate the ADAS function on the preventive safety performance side.

Benefits of JNCAP
・Objective evaluation of safety rating is possible.
・Side by side performance comparisons to other companies’ vehicles are possible.
・Creating an environment where users can choose safer vehicles.
・Promotion of safe vehicle development by OEMs.


What is high-precision positioning by Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)?

  Positioning with a margin of error of 2 cm or less every 0.01 seconds is possible.

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